rainy day cultural centre rainbow

I took all these at the Cultural Centre last week. Yeh, I know, you already saw photos of the purple cabbage here. Since I took these, all these strange little fluorescent things have sprouted in the urban orchard. I think they may be art. I can't see an explanation on the EPRA website (but to be fair, I only bothered to look for about 30 seconds). There are little bird houses, and things that look like cages or traps. All in very bright flouro colours. Yes, this would make more sense with photos. I will do that next week if they are still there.

Also they seem to be doing a lot of works on the paving, so perhaps all the little painted words are soon to go? That's probably ok. They are so cute and colourful, and I love them, but they are looking a bit old and dirty, so could be done over.



Lisa said...

All of your photos are fantastic ^_^ And the fluro birdhouses and traps are apparently modern art.


Maybe would be better if they had a sign or something explaining that actually in the Orchard?

Helena said...

hey, good find with the link. There probably is a sign somewhere, or one coming soon. But I'd day before that happens the traps will all get stolen by drunk teenagers. I didn't look that closely, but they didn't seem to be tied down or attached to anything... and they are light enough to be picked up and moved. Oh well! We'll see...

Kerrie said...

like your red shoes!