orange & purple

I bought myself a new mug for work. I've had my current desk mug for years and years. I even had a conversation the other day with the friend who gave it to me all those years ago, about how it's traveled with me from job to job. I'm a big fan of Rob Ryan and read he was producing mugs and vases and things, but hadn't actually seen any in real life until the other day. As soon as I saw this, I knew it was time for a new mug. I would have bought just the box. I know for sure my friend will understand the mug she gave me is retiring from duty. It's time for a fresh start with this new building, and only working part time. It's a new era... so... a new mug!


Halina said...

what a lovely mug !

Kerrie said...

fabulous new mug, very worthy replacement!

Helena said...

thank you both! Kerrie I knew you would not mind the change :-)