blue & red

On the weekend I painted something blue. Then I painted something red. Then I spent ages photographing some string, and this little arrangement fell into place. True story.

The reason I was photographing string was because I had an idea for a new blog header, which I have just uploaded. If you are viewing this in a reader, drop by the blog and have a look here. Have I made any spelling mistakes? Because you know, when you look at certain words for too long they stop making sense, "colour" and "photography" being examples.

The string by the way was a very thoughtful gift from my friend Linda who, when it came round to my birthday, recalled a random conversation we had where I said "if you ever see that stripey string in a shop, ever, buy it and I will pay you back". And she ordered it on the internets and everything! The shop is called The Twinery if you need to get your own, and I completely understand if you do.



Lisa said...

I like the new header - and I can't see any spelling mistakes ^_^ "Colour" is a word that makes me paranoid though ... thanks to American spell check, I always think I have gotten it wrong!

Helena said...

thanks! it is good to have another pair of eyes to check you have not made a ridiculous mistake. Like spelling your own blog name wrong. That would be... awkward. And embarassing!

Kerrie said...

header looks great, thought it was wool at first, as I was looking at some beautiful yarns today in Onabee that were very similar!