pink & blue

I popped into a large name bookstore in a shopping centre over the weekend. It was closing down, and there wasn't much left on the shelf, and everything was 60% off. I found these two cute Michi Girl books for $25 (for both, not each). I'm not sure what I think about all the bookshops closing down. I like bookshops, and I love books, but I guess when I think about it I don't buy a lot of new books. All my fiction books come from the library or loans from friends. I have loads and loads of old books from op shops.

I like giving books as presents, and getting them, picture books, nice books, pretty books. But a lot of the time the books in bookshops are damaged, or they don't have what you want. When you buy them online you can always find what you want, check out different prices, and its so exciting when they arrive, all shiny and new and not spoiled.

So, hmm, not sure either way. Sometimes businesses just become obsolete, and we can't get all sad about it. But sometimes it's a shame that there is one less thing the next generation won't get to experience. Hunting through the shelves, looking at the spines and covers, hearing that little crackle when the pages come apart for the first time, smelling the paper and inks, feeling the weight in your hand...

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