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Hi! Here's some more photos of my new work. Numbers 4 to 6 were taken today while I was wandering around, and numbers 1 to 3 were taken, if you can believe it, from the inside last week! If you recall from this post, I was saying we are moving to the 10th floor of a new building soon and I have a fear of heights. Awesome, I know. So last week I got to go there for the first time, and find out exactly what I will be dealing with. I was surprised how well I coped, and I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't feel overwhelmingly high and scary. That said, I'd far rather be planted on the ground somewhere and think I am still in for some, um, interesting times ahead, but overall I thought it is a beautiful building I will be happy to work in. Eventually. Once I recover.

I'm still trying to focus on the positives - mostly I am excited at the idea of working in the city, having never done that before and worked at either end like West Perth or East Perth, or nearby like Northbridge or Leederville. And having been there I still feel positive. There had been this "what if" factor hanging over me that I feel is gone now, like what if its awful and I just can't hack it... but that has been removed. It certainly took every inch of my brain space to go there for just 15 minutes or so, it was exhausting, but it also made it clear to me this is do-able, I can do it.

The thing that is making this all possible, and I think I mentioned this in the previous post, is that my work place is really supportive of me. I can't say enough how much that means to me and how lucky I feel to work somewhere nice. Seriously. It just takes the pressure off, brings the stress levels down. Its two weeks until the actual move, but I am hoping to visit the new building again a few times before then just to get familiar with it before the "big day".

Will keep you posted...


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