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Lunch earlier in the week at what I always thought was just called the King Street Cafe, but when you google, is apparently called 44 King Street. It was pretty pricey and my friends were brought the wrong meals, but the staff were nice which is always a plus and quite rare in Perth. Think it might be a bit over-rated. It was ok, but nothing special. Doesn't seem to have its own website, and the reviews on Urbanspoon are not glowing. Its a great location though, I like the look of it and it was really nice of the waiter to open the doors for us for some fresh air even though it meant moving the tables and chairs etc and causing a minor disruption. Something like that shouldn't warrant special comment I suppose, but in Perth its kinda hard to find places where the staff don't scowl at you for interrupting their otherwise packed schedule of texting their friends and checking their hair.

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Kerrie said...

I haven't been there for over 10 years, but remember I loved the space - old buildings/high ceilings - not a lot of that left in Perth, especially one that can be appreciated at an every day place like a cafe.

Whenever I ate there it was always for breakfast - yummiest croque monsieur ever!