blue & white

Random blue and white finds from Freo last weekend. Behind the new museum there is a whole little village of port buildings that is really cute (see pics 2 & 3). It's nice to see them still being used for something, and being open to the public at the same time (the area that is, you can't get in the actual buildings). Its quite different to somewhere like Midland Railway Workshops which has the most fantastic collection of old and interesting buildings, but the area is not open to the public so no-one really gets to enjoy them, or other interesting sites that have just been left vacant to fall into disrepair.

Wandered into the markets there (B shed?) - wow! scary!! Really scary. Such a cornucopia of useless, ugly, cheap-arsed crap I have never laid eyes on before. I used to love Subi markets when I was a teenager, because I had no money, and it was a place to buy unusual imported stuff really cheap. Now everything is cheap. You can get imported stuff in any shop, in fact that's all you can get. Just mountains and mountains of... junk. At least I know where to get my next medieval, Egyptian, pixie costume.


1, 3, 4 & 6 Fremantle ports/new museum area; 2 & 7 alley way at the end of Cantonment St (I think); 5 Point St car park; 8 the Woolstores.

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