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Hello. Here's a few sneakers from the Sneaker Swapmeet on Sat. I don't know anything about sneakers! This was apparent when all the people with their stalls were telling me which ones I should be taking pictures of, i.e. not the most colourful ones but these special ones, imported from somewhere, designed by someone... It was all in the tiny courtyard of a shop. A good way to buy and sell sneakers I guess!

Apologies for my harsh tone in the last few posts. Its been a miserable week, and I think that kind of came across. After a silly amount of time typing and deleting and typing and deleting, I decided it was all too hard and went with the basics, and decided it was all irrelevant because no-one ever reads this etc etc..... But then I think in the end I kind of sounded rude. I'd been carrying around a load of angry rants in my head, varying from the small and insignificant (like why do people park in clearways?) to the moderately important (what is wrong with the world that all the pictures in magazines photoshopped to such a degree that all the people look like they are made of plastic?) to the enormous (like what is the point of life, when the people you love can die, and your entire life plan can be wiped out in the space of several days?). Hence the type-delete dilemma. Rant... no shut up...rant... no shut up.

I've actually been having a self imposed culture-media-blog detox for a few days, which I think has contributed to me feeling a lot better today. No blog reading, aside from a few favourites - people I know or just favourites. Good blogs. Uplifting blogs. Have you seen Sarah Wilson's blog? That's a nice one (go here).

I've not watched the news or gone on any news websites, because I tell you that whole flood, cyclone, fire thing was really getting to me. Not just the sadness of what has happened and is still happening, but the ridiculous, nauseating way it has been reported. I think what was making me sick of it all was this idea that cyclones have "fury" or fires have "wrath", the rage of mother nature type thing. Its just the weather. It doesn't have feelings. It can't bloody well have fury or anger. And another pet peeve, the comments about people coming home to "a lifetime of memories destroyed" - well unless you suffered a brain injury its not actually your memories that have been destroyed, its your possessions. I just find the need to over dramatize the news sickening. Its freaking awful what is happening to all those people, why does it need to be made into an over-emotional soap opera?

Anyway, my media detox has helped me get a bit of perspective back today. I was getting annoyed at the shallowness of everything. And the repetition and unoriginality, you know like when you see the same photo on three different blogs. I thought cutting it all out would be hard because I really like other people's pictures and things, but I haven't missed it at all.

And now I feel heaps better for having this big rant. Thanks for listening!


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