black & white

Hi, now you didn't think I was going to go to the new State Theatre and only put up a photo of Heath Ledger's Oscar did you? Of course not. I have loads of pics to share but its going to take time to sort them all... because I took lots (errr... over 200 actually...). If you can't wait, I've put a few up on flickr (go here).

I've been excited about this building opening, because I just think the design is stunning. I've posted about that before, so won't bore you again. Having been inside, I still think its a stunning design. I love the colours - gold, black, white, brown - perhaps a bit bland for some, but calming and lovely to me. I love the use of a stacked bond. I like concrete and wood. I think its going to look lovely at night, all lit up. I thought it was a great idea to have an open day, and it all seemed to go very well, the staff were all super friendly and seemed excited to be there. But if I have to be a bit critical, I was pretty surprised at the standard of workmanship. From a distance it all looked fine, but once you looked close at finishes, joins, details... it was all a bit, err, not very well done. Edges didn't meet, straight things were wobbly and crooked, bits were falling off already. I hate to be so critical, because I do think its a great building to have in Perth, but I have to ask - was it built as some kind of tafe project?? Details people, details!! Build it to last, not on the cheap!

Anyway, more pics to come over the next few days, both here and flickr... and no more ranting. I promise.



graham said...

Yep, built by the guys with the lowest quote and a truck full of cheap materials. It deserved, and deserves, so much better.

Helena said...

I am not sure if I was being too harsh now. People don't look at details, or care about them... They just want the wow factor, and it has that for sure. We shall see how it looks in a few years before a final judgement is made!!