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A few of the blogs I really like are from New York, and they've been posting about the snow storms. Others from Europe have also been posting lovely snowy forests, deer, rabbits... all lovely wintery things. So I thought I'd put up some summer pics, in case I have any readers in the northern hemisphere who want to see what its like. In Perth anyway. Some bits of Australia are having cyclones and floods and things. Here its just hot. Xmas was 40 degrees. I looked it up and that's 104 F.

The best snow storm pics I have seen were from Hither and Thither (click here to see) but I also really liked the photo from Door Sixteen (see it here). Both are blogs I really like, and are worth a look anyway (if you can stand the torture of looking at lovely New York-y snow pictures, while you are sweating it out where you are). Also worth a look is this eerie time lapse of snow building in a back yard (here). The pine trees limbs sink lower and lower with the weight of the snow, its really interesting.

I'm still on holidays, hence having the time to look up pictures of snow and convert temperatures to farenheit. Its really lovely. Had a major scary drama with my dog, the vet was still unsure when she came home as to what it was, perhaps snake bite or poison. At one stage he said brain tumour. So I haven't really been out anywhere since xmas and don't have any interesting photos to share (these are a few weeks old). I may just continue to post photos of vegetables for a few days while I continue to work through my packed agenda of watching Gossip Girl, staring at pictures in cook books debating what to make, and keeping an eye on my doggly.

Hope your festivities, whatever they may be, are going well.


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