green, blue, pink & red

I was wandering around with my cousins the other day (they're over west for xmas and new years, which is very lovely) and we came across this brand new shop, Oh Henry! Vintage, upstairs on the corner of William and Aberdeen Streets. As you know, I am fussy about colours that are friends and colours that are not friends. Seeing everything in this shop arranged by colour, and with them all being very good friends, made me feel very peaceful indeed. Seeing things sorted by colour makes me feel all calm, and like there is order in the universe. The opposite, colours all mixed in together, makes me feel restless. So I liked this shop a lot! And I couldn't narrow the photos down to fewer colours for this post, it was all too nice.

I've been putting things on flickr over the last few days (including some extras from Oh Henry!) but am still really getting started. Have a look here if you like. Maybe you are on flickr too and have some tips for me?



my best friend jules said...

This shop looks like heaven!! :) I wish I could teleport myself for a visit!

Xo Mervi

Ps. Thanks for following us :) May I ask how did you find us?

Helena said...

Thanks for following me too! I found you via the comments on A Beautiful Mess. I liked that I have the same name as one of you!