green & orange

Today I listened to a talk by Josh Byrne (the Gardening Australia guy) about the development of the urban orchard place in the cultural centre. The plants are coming along, and there seems to be a small army of volunteers tidying up and keeping things alive. I'm not really sure if the intention is that you can just help yourself... to an apple for your lunch, or a cauliflower, or some corriander...? Maybe that's what its there for, I'm not sure.

I like the project. There's loads of colour now in what was a very plain space. I put up a few posts about it in mid August (if you want to look use the archive menu on the right because there were about 6 posts in a row and I'm too lazy to link to them all). There will be more talks at the urban orchard in November and December, info here.

Hope your weekend was ace, enjoy your working week.


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