blue, brown & black

A few weeks ago I got to take some photos of this shop, Scraps, on William Street. Its up the top end between the Red Teapot and the asian grocery with the guy with the afro who uses a cucumber as a microphone to yell about the vegetables he is selling. You know the guy. One of the owners is Ash. That's him in the photo. Go and say hi.

The pics were for the Sunday Times magazine, and I had a post ready to tell you about it for the weekend just gone, and was going to instruct you to go out and buy the Sunday Times. But then, as it turns out, they went ahead early, and I didn't find out until it was about two weeks too late.

I had a minor panic about it, because I'd been so looking to see my pics in print for the first time in a few years, although I will admit the Sunday Times is not the loftiest of publications... But then I got my act together, decided I would find a copy somehow, and as a starting point I put the word out on facebook. By the next day I had an offer of one rescued from the recycling (thanks Jo) but by the day after that I had an actual copy delivered to my doorstep (thanks Teena). So I got to see it after all.

A bit disappointing. The seemed to pic the most boringest picture of the entire day, but not to worry, at least I get to share the rest with you here. Next time I will try harder to find out about publication dates in advance and save my lovely friends the trouble of rummaging in their bins to help me out...


p.s. my favourite is the one shown 5th, of the guy in the doorway.

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