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So I had a huge clean out of the spare room today. Just because its spring, and its a long weekend here so I had a bit of time. Chucked some old stuff out, hid more of it under the bed, hung some pictures up properly that had just been propped up for ages, that type of stuff. It took ages and I ran out of time to clean out the wardrobe in there, which over the years has become totally jam packed with spare clothes - some vintage that I have collected, some just old things I don't wear but don't want to get rid of, some things I think maybe one day will fit again or might come back into fashion... hey, it happens...! That's going to be a massive job when I get round to it. Some things, its just time for them to go, and I'm feeling that way about the stuff in that wardrobe.

I kind of wanted the spare room to be a bit more usable (rather than just a depository of stuff) so I set up the spare bed with a proper mattress and some new sheets etc. Part of that deal meant these cushions had to go. I still like them, but I have just looked at them for too many years and am sick of them. And they take up a heap of space. So they are all stashed away now.

Found my year 7 year book under the bed, it made me laugh. For ambition I wrote "not sure" and for hobby I wrote "sticker collecting". I don't specifically recall collecting stickers, but I have always been a collector of something. As my mum (and my spare room) will testify, since I was little I have always just hung on to stuff, or picked a thing and collected that thing for ages, then got over it. I've found op shops have become really crap lately, so I'm not really collecting anything at the moment. I used to want to work in a museum so I could collect stuff for a living, but found you can't really collect stuff just because it looks good, it has to have all these layers of meaning and somehow fit into the story of the nation or whatever, yawn.

Anyway, my house is my museum! Just gotta clean it out every now and again...


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