the colour H turns one!

Today is a bit of a milestone... its one year since my first post on The Colour H. How quickly a year goes... I started this blog as an outlet, just somewhere to put my pictures instead of saving them on my computer and no-one else seeing them. I said all along it was just for me really, and I would do it anyway even if no-one else looked. I don't have a stat counter so I have no idea how many people do look, but there is a little handful of you, and that makes me feel good - so thanks to you! I like it when people come up to me and say "I liked your picture of..." or when they post a comment. Sometimes it goes all quiet and then I go back to "well, I'm just doing it for me" and that's ok too.

Sometimes I think this blog looks totally shoddy and amateur, and other times I think I could love it to death, but something I do know for sure is that I want to keep doing it. I realized this when I crashed it a few weeks ago and all the pictures disappeared. Holy crap! I tried to stay really calm and think calm thoughts that it didn't really matter, but it kind of made me realize it did matter! I like that it is building up a record, of me, of Perth, of... stuff... and I want to keep adding to it.

Anyway, if you are out there - thanks for looking!



graham said...

Happy Birthday! Looking forward to year two.

Michael said...

Happy Colour H Birthday H !

Helena said...

hey thanks boys!!

karmen said...


aileen said...

Happy birthday colour H. Keep it up I need my daily photo fix.