blue & white

here's just a few scenes from bencubbin, where everything was painted the same colour blue. it was kind of pretty! it might be kind of boring, but i feel the middle picture here sums up the trip. whatever it is or was, it's closed basicially. its just kind of a remnant of something else. maybe it still has a function, i don't know. the locals would know. the pub (last pub for 203kms) was closed too, but it was a really nice building. a little worn down, but with some really good features.



graham said...

These places are beautiful and forlorn at the same time. What does the future hold out there?

Helena said...

who knows? i don't know that much about how country towns work. guess i look at them as a visitor but its different for the people who live there. WA country towns are TINY though, just can't see how they can have a future.

The Worst of Perth said...

Love the yellow shop.