red, black & white

so... i bought a new camera yesterday! it was very exciting. so far have taken about 100 pictures of the dog, and then have photographed everything in my house, because pictures of even just a jar of pens or whatever were coming out so awesome.

i used to have vaguely decent cameras, years ago, when i used to work as a photographer, but i had drifted out of that career and went to do other things. then digital happened, and i got a little point and shoot (a minolta dimage, which has been brilliant) and my "good" cameras were kind of consigned to a box under the bed.

i'd been lusting over digital SLRs for ages. when i took the first picture this morning i was nearly overwhelmed - the solid feel of it, the clunkiness almost, and then the picture on the (huge) screen - the depth of field was just as i'd been dreaming about. sigh.

haven't actually got any pics from the camera to the computer yet, that's phase two. for now i am just going to keep wandering around taking pictures of everything i can, and hopefully will be able to share some soon.

(these pics aren't from the new camera, or the minolta for that matter. they were taken on beaufort st a few weeks ago, on a pentax).


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