blue & brown

well after that minor drama yesterday, here's some photos from the town of carnamah. i was lucky that the sun was just going down, so the light was really nice. the main street has quite a few cute buildings, and a hotel which is a real mish-mash of styles. it was very quiet. just a few dogs barking and kids playing.

am mighty relieved the problem with my pictures was resolved yesterday. it was just a tiny thing, a wrong setting that i had been playing with, but it threw me into a world of helplessness.

despite having no dramas with this blog for a whole year, and very cleverly (i thought) figuring things out, learning how to do new stuff, i was suddenly stumped and desperate for someone else's help. someone who knows what the hell they are doing! someone smart and nerdy.

in the end, the solution was as i suspected, but i'd just been too scared to do it in case i stuffed things up worse. i posted my problem on the blogger help forum, and someone replied with a very blunt one-liner (thank you!). i suspect they think i was stupid. but having them give the answer gave me the confidence to do it. and it worked. phew! i'm not sure if the lesson learned is a) never touch any settings on your blog because you clearly have no idea what you are doing and could loose all your work or b) go on take a stab at it because you might be right after all... you might be the smart and nerdy one. confusing!


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