black & yellow

this is another elk necklace i bought at the same time as the one in the last post. i'm really into stripes at the moment, as you can see. the t-shirt is from temt. i'm such a cheap arse with clothes.

anyway, i had two blog milestones yesterday. firstly mandy at the 16 house blog used one of my pictures in her "friday favourites" story (see it here) and put a link to my blog. no-one has used one of my pictures before (that i know of...) so it was a really nice surprise to see it pop up in my google reader. secondly i have my first follower who is not one of my friends! welcome! i decided a while ago i would keep doing this even if no-one ever saw it, or if the only people who looked were people i knew... but its kind of nice to think of other people looking too.

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