yellow & brown

many years ago, at a place of previous employment, i found a plastic bag full of cotton spools under the sink in the ladies loo. i asked around to see if anybody would mind if i took it home and nobody did. nobody seemed to know why on earth it would be there in the first place. it was mostly the old wooden sorts, like these, with a few of the modern cardboard ones as well, and also a few zips, two tins of dress making pins and receipt from 1956 for a cardigan from "the economic store - perth's popular price store". its in ye olde pre-decimal money which i have never understood so i can't tell you how much it was. its so old the phone number is tiny and has letters in it: BF1745.
according to the receipt the economic store was on the corner of hay & william streets, but i'm not sure which corner. i would assume the one where the train station is now. google tells me it was destroyed by fire in 1921 but not much else. there are records for pictures of it in the state library so they must have rebuilt or were a chain or stores... but i'm not going to research it now.
also in the bag was a packet of "british snaps" which sounds like a biscuit or something but they are actually what are now more american-ly known as "press studs".

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Linda said...

Love wooden spools - brilliant find!