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seven stars praying mantis kung fu - yes its a real thing! but it sounds so freaking awesome! according to a random website here the moves in praying mantis kung fu replicate the moves a praying mantis makes to capture and maim its prey, characterised by a claw hook made with the hands. seven stars is the most popular variety in china. "the praying mantis insect, with its quivering intensity and aptitude for cannibalism, is hardly the model of a "gentle" kung fu style. Thus, one should not be surprised to learn that praying mantis kung fu, or Tang Lang in Chinese, is perhaps the most ruthless kung fu style of all". seen on william street, northbridge.


Linda said...

Lol! Thats James Kung Fu school! Jimmy is about 5ft tall & 40kgs but could probably kill someone without breaking a sweat!

Helena said...

James does kung fu? And Jimmy Tsui really exists?? Awesome!