blue & red

a few more from northbridge. a fan of the smiths was either clever enough to write in reverse from the inside, or devoted enough to climb up from the outside.

if you want to see more work by yok, go here.


brown & blue

more from the park. these trees were next to the ones with the red leaves, but had lost all theirs already. i used to love those pom-pom things when i was little. and i still do!


more autumn-winter leaves...



the other day i spent what was really an unreasonable amount of time in the park, photographing the autumn leaves. i kept trying to walk on, but it seemed every tree had a different arrangement of those knobbly pom-pom things, and the variety of colours was just insane. actually, its not even autumn anymore, its winter, but its not been raining much and we are having these beautiful, crisp, clean days, so it really feels very autumnal. i think these trees are liquidambars, those are the ones with the knobbly things no? the smell of the fallen leaves was also amazing.


red & yellow

a peter's icecream lamp at a friend's house. i assume this came from outside a shop, or maybe from a truck?



a well-loved couch, at a friend's house. it has little shelves on the side, for your drink i guess. you can just see them on the matching seat opposite.



some more from northbridge the other day, both on william street. the former national bank at no.214 (i posted about it before here... i didn't know what it was then and still don't, but some sensible looking youths were undertaking some kind of arts venture that involved drinking punch from plastic cups when i walked past, so i think its some kind of gallery). the other photo is the underside of an awning of a group of buildings that are currently being rennovated down near the new state theatre. there was a big construction fence around them but i peeked through, and i think its going to be a really interesting development, a good mix of old and new.


pink & green

the window of a vietnamese restaurant and the courtyard of a new-ish bar on william street that i think is just called Bar 399 but i'm not sure.

red & white

a beer ad out the front of the mustang bar, northbridge.