very blue building on the corner of fitzgerald and newcastle streets. i've always liked this building.



somebody thoughtfully made this little collection of pinecones and sticks and other thingies in the park for me to stumble upon while on a walk.



greens & co, oxford st leederville, last night. happy birthday suze! i noticed a lot of the lanterns weren't on, and i wondered if it was just because the globes had gone or if they keep it that way on purpose because it is already so bright in there. can you imagine fitting dimmers to all those things?



this is an old pic so you can see what the pink ones looked liked... and they smelled amazing as well.


frangipanis, the last of the season. didn't get many flowers this year, don't know why. didn't get any pink ones at all which was disappointing. not enough water? not enough food? i enjoyed the few that i did get, these ones are floating in a big bowl vase i got at the op shop.



for some reason i still liked these flowers after they'd started to fade, and kept them a bit longer than i should have.

grey & blue

overpass and street lights, roe st, northbridge. if you look closely you can see the moon in the top one. and it may be an odd thing to say, but i think the street lights look rather elegant - i think its in the curves, the angles, and the proportions.