yellow & black

No, I have no explanation for this. It is bin lids on a road. That's all I know.



this wall talks project (day two)

I popped back to see this wall too. It's totally different in just a day. Lots of familiar shapes and motifs emerging. I really like it. I'll be passing by that way during the week, so will keep the updates coming.

red, yellow & blue

As promised, here's an update of the dragon from yesterday. Was great to see the William Street Festival even bigger than last year, stretching further down the street and with loads more people there. A great event.


grey, yellow & pink

Towards the north end of William Street, this wall is taking shape too. It's part of the William Street festival which is on tomorrow, and it's going to be a giant dragon. Again, I can't wait to see this as it progresses and will be popping by to see what it looks like as it comes along. It's at the front of the alley way that goes to India Mart. When I was in India Mart about 2 weeks ago she said they were closing... but I wondered if she was just putting on the pressure to make me buy a quilt. I didn't buy it. But she might really be closing, so if you need some saris, sandals, or fabric, get down there while you can.

this wall talks project (day one)

If you are passing through Northbridge this week, you should go and see this work while it's in progress. Its by one of my favourite artists, Kyle Hughes-Odgers, aka Creepy. It's in Lock Lane, which runs behind William Street. Some more info is here. Apparently the grey is for tones, and in the end it will be a lot more colourful. I can't wait to see it finished and am going to try to pop down and take a few more photos as it progresses, so stay tuned....


mad hatter's tea party

The mad hatter's tea party was on last weekend as part of the Eat Drink Perth festival. Unfortunately for the organisers it was 40 degrees, not really weather conducive to sitting around in a park with no shade in fancy dress! But a few people were there and got into the theme. Eat Drink Perth is on for all of March.