red & yellow

Behind Planet video/books/music (soon to also have a cafe or something...?) on Beaufort St.


According to the Beaufort Street festival website, this is "Never Never Lane... a vintage laneway house of the senses... an interactive inside out house".

blue & brown

"Sir Suds", the disused dryer in the Beaufort St laundromat. Or is he a washer? Part of the Beaufort St festival on Sat. It was a good event. Aside from the yarn bombing. Seriously, seen one bit of ratty string hanging from a tree, seen them all. I'm all for making stuff, but I just find yarn bombing so... messy. So unorganised and disorderly. Too many colours next to each other that don't belong. It makes me nervous. Sorry crafty peeps, its nothing personal.

I did like the pom-pom hammock thing outside the Flying Scotsman, that was cute. And the letter box with ears. And the googly eyed monster on the bus stop. People were wandering off down the street with bits of knitted things they'd souvenired, that was kind of amusing too. OK... maybe I don't dislike it as much as I thought... but I don't like it enough to put a photo up!



orange & purple

Here's some street art shenanigans that were happening as part of the Northbridge Festival. Aside from the free gigs in the Piazza, this was the most interesting thing I saw for the festival. It was attached to a sea container filled with shredded paper that I didn't really understand, just reminded me of work really. The shredded paper, not the sea container. I didn't go in, but perhaps was scintillating and fascinating for those who did...?

According to the Northbridge Festival website, the art wall was done by the William St Art Collective. I would have liked to go back later and see how it turned out but it was a strange day, sort of raining but not, and there was really nothing else to look at, even with the Awesome Festival also on. Couldn't go to the luminarium because it was sold out. The cup rock, as noted earlier, was ad hoc. The markets were non-existent, looked pretty much like one stall with some crystals on a card table. Maybe it was just bad timing? I very much support the City of Perth in its efforts for festivals and things, but overall was somewhat mystified by this one. Would be interested to hear if anyone else had a different experience.



brown & green

Have decided am buying all my xmas presents at William Topp. Seriously. Starting with myself.

Bought this badge yesterday and wore it to work today. Was pleased to find out that generally the people I work with do like stuff. Makes me feel we have a lot in common because I definitely like stuff. One person said it depends what kind of stuff, but I think that still counts.

Person who made the badge has a website here and if you want to ogle lovely William Topp things, look here.



purple, green & pink

Cup-rock as part of the Awesome Festival. Yeh.... not really rocking (they looked better in the box). Very cute and interactive for little kiddies, but resulting wall of cups a bit crap (because done by little kiddies).

yellow & blue

Urthboy and Elgusto at the Northbridge Piazza as part of the Northbridge Festival. Nearly got trampled by stinky 16 year old boys to get these shots. Later, during Miami Horror, one of them climbed up the metal thing with the plants growing on it and kept the two policemen assigned to the gig busy watching him, waiting for him to climb down. With all the others warning him about the cops, he nicked off down an alley way when he came down. Still, I'd like to see the video he shot while he was sitting up there. I was kind of thinking "what a dickhead" but at the same time wondering if I might have done the same thing at his age. Probably not at a gig with loads of people around and police etc, but maybe on a whim I might have, you never know...!

Have put a lot more of Urthboy on flickr. Have a look here. Miami Horror didn't interest me as much, just not my thing but they were definitely popular.



brown & grey

I'd seen this wall in a magazine or on a website or somewhere, but only just found it last week. Its on Roe St, behind Red Stripe Clothing. Must have been behind a gate or something cos I've been there before, but not seen it... Love it.

Lots of fun things on in Perth this weekend with both the Northbridge Festival and Awesome Festival on. I want to go to the luminarium in Forrest Place. There has to be heaps of photo opportunities there, how can there not be?

Have a great weekend... its going to be like a thousand degrees... summer is on!



orange & blue

I always wanted a formica table like this, but never managed to get one. I have lots of old chairs, mostly from the side of the road, but nowhere near as nice as these.




One of the best colours around at this time of year is the sea of purple from the jacarandas. I love it when you are on a hill and can see them dotted around, one for every few houses. I especially like it when they have room to grow and don't have to be trimmed, like this one, then they can take on that full semi-circle shape. The other day it rained, so lots of their flowers fell off, leaving purple carpets over the footpaths and in people's gardens, but sadly I didn't get any photos of it.




At the Bird, William St.

purple & black

Dear Purple Haired Chick
I didn't get your name but you wrote "purple haired chick" on an envelope with your email address so I could send you this photo. Its still my favourite from last week. I emailed it to you, but haven't heard back, so I hope you got it!



blue & black

Since State of Order were launching their video clip, lets count this as the official launch of the Colour H's flickr account too. I've put a set of pics from the night here, and I have deleted the others I had up there because they were just a test really. So its my first actual set. Sorry to the drummer who I only got one or two photos of, but you are at the back, you must be used to that...?? And thanks to the people in the crowd for letting me take your photo while you were enjoying yourselves, you guys are awesome!



A couple more of the band State of Order at the Rocket Room.