blue and green

this is flat leaf parsley that has gone to seed. such a pretty shape. in the last one, the flash went off accidentally and reflected against the background (a glazed pot). I like how it turned out... just one of those things if you tried to do it again on purpose you wouldn't be able to.


black & green

bowling season is back on. when the last round was on it was daylight savings, which we don't have this year. added to the strange wintery weather at the moment, last night it was raining, cold, windy and dark which is not quite as much fun. but beer is still $15 a round for the whole team. and then there's pretending you even have a clue what the hell you are doing... being a gracious looser when it becomes apparent you know nothing... etc....




building on william street, opposite the universal bar. not really sure what it is. if you are wondering about the silver streak across the door... it happened when my flash went off automatically because of the low light. i think it looks kinda freaky! i like it.


gold & black

taken at the canton lounge, hay street, last night. a really lovely venue, with a cute balcony at the back. i am curious now what the building used to be and will have to look it up.


blue & orange

this strelitzia was spotted at the northbridge piazza. i know recent posts make it sound like i am there all the time, but i've actually only been there twice... its just that both times i managed to take quite a few photos i liked. the sun was so bright on this wall i could hardly see what i was doing, and most of the photos are out of focus.



i went to the jade buddha exhibition at the museum the other day. there were lots of people clustering in front of the buddha, making offerings of glowing plastic lotus flowers, and little fibre optic ornaments. i am a big fan of gaudy and tacky, but it was all a bit much for me. this screen however took my interest. it was hard to choose the photo i liked best, but i chose this one for the tiny halo of the buddha on the other side of the screen (right down the bottom).

jade buddha is on for another 2 weeks. http://www.museum.wa.gov.au/oursites/perth/whatson.asp